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(Actually, I live on a houseboat...)

I'm a freelance copywriter and branding consultant. And if I'm known for anything, it's for making the complex simple. 

I work directly for clients such as Sephora, reMarkable

(a paper tablet launched by Finnish entrepreneurs) and John Lewis, and on client and personal projects for design and branding consultancies including Goldbug AgencyThe BrandGym and Huddle.

I'm relishing the wonderful variety of writing I'm doing for Parisian-based beauty company Sephora, from social media posts to Sephora University content, speech writing to people profiles. My work for longstanding client Orangebox (the contemporary office furniture company) is equally diverse, ranging from editing books to writing web copy, people profiles, case studies, new business proposals, posters and ads. 

When you work with someone and they 'get it', it's a joy. You relax, step back and allow things to emerge. You end up not only getting the job done, you get more than you bargained for. You get all this working with Chris. She maintains a great balance of focus, passion and playfulness. Chris can be forensic one minute and take the broad view the next. Sheer bliss!



Alastair Creamer, TED speaker and Founding Partner

Creamer & Co, and Eyes Wide Opened

Things I do…

  • Brand positioning, brand development, tone of voice and straplines

  • Customer communications, including brochures, emails, letters, newsletters and minizines 

  • Employee communications

  • B2B / B2C / B2I communications

  • Press releases and articles

  • Ads for radio, press and posters

  • RFQs (Requests for Qualifications) and other material for structural engineering and architectural practices, including HTS and Zaha Hadid Architects

  • Writing for design consultancies, design exhibitions, architectural practices and environmental engineers (such as Atelier Ten), including case studies, people profiles, awards submissions and web / brochure copy 

  • Blogging, podcasts, web and email copy

  • Book and manuscript editing

  • Writing workshops, including marketing communications and grammar and proofreading workshops, and specialist workshops in tone of voice (to share a new tone of voice I've created as part of a brand identity project with internal and external marketing and pr staff).


Visit my LinkedIn profile, or get in touch.



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