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Being a personal ally

I worked with Goldbug Brand & Communications on this BT global guide aimed at encouraging colleagues to act as allies...

"What’s it like, for instance, to visit one of our stores as one of the UK’s million wheelchair users? Or to try to get the help you need from us online or by phone as one of the country’s two million blind or partially sighted people? And how does it feel to be the only woman, or the only person from an ethnic minority background, in a team? Or to have a different sexual orientation to the majority of your colleagues?"

Campers & Dens product brochure and poster, Orangebox 

Launch materials for a new Smartworking product designed to help us hack our workspaces.

Covid-19 workplace posters, Orangebox 

Lockdown has brought new challenges to us all, both as individuals and as organisations. Over the past few weeks I've been working with Gerry Taylor, Creative Director at Orangebox, to articulate insights relating to the likely impact of Covid-19 on our lives and our workplaces. You can read some of these think pieces (such as Smartworking post-January 2020) here, and in the galleries.  

The Hula Hoop Office, Orangebox  

Instructions on pre-vaccine workplace safety in the wake of Covid-19.

BT Returning to the workplace guide

I worked with Goldbug Agency on this global guide for colleagues returning to the workplace in the wake of Covid-19.

Material Focus Annual Review

I worked on the first annual report for Material Focus, a not-for-profit whose vision is to save the precious metals in unwanted electricals from being lost forever.  I'd previously worked on their brand messaging and tone of voice, and on messaging for the #recycleyourelectricals campaign, including ads and posters for Hypnocat, their recycling-obsessed mascot.

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